Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Tin House (Part 7)

I'm glad you stopped by. C.Pender Sr. just called and told me that a Miss Hite is on the way. It will be really interesting to meet her. Hope you have the time to stay around and meet her. I've got a key ready for her when she arrives.

When Miss Hite arrived, she said to just call her Fahren. She is the little red headed pixie that has been living at Devika's house. She seemed happy to get the key to her new home.

I took her on a tour of the house,and explaining the sprinkler system and the other fire prevention items. Fahren was very impressed with all the fire proof material that went into the construction of this house.

She was very pleased with carpet on the metal staircase. Fahren said the second floor looked just like she had imagined it would look.

It looks like I set the second floor windows at just the right height, for a pixie of Fahren stature.

Once the tour was over, Fahren thanked me for her "Most Wonderful House, Ever!".Then she hurried to Devika's to get ready for moving.

Fahren did not explain why so much trouble was taken to fire proof everything. C. Pender (aka Dad) told me the reason I wasn't allowed to know the clients name before, was because of my Blog. He said that Devika reads my blog and some strange things had been happening at her house. If I had mentioned Miss Fahren Hite in my blog, it would have given away a "BIG SECRET". Oh well!

Be looking for you to stop by my next job, whatever it might be.

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