Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Pumpkin Project (Part 4)

C.J. singing softly "This job is done" (to the tune of our day will come).

Still singing while putting the finishing touch on the last window.

Hi! I didn't hear you arrive.

I'm sure glad that this project is over. Doubt if I'll ever build another pumpkin house. There are just too many problems in the design of this type of structure.

I think the "Pumpkin House" came out pretty good. The true test will of course be what the customer thinks. Silvana is due here shortly, in fact here she is now.

C.J.: "Welcome, Silvana. What do you think of your pumpkin house?"

Silvana: "I am impressed! It really looks like what I wanted. Can we go inside?"

Silvana: "I'm sorry C.J., but it is so small inside. I'm afraid that my furniture will not fit. I am really sorry, the workmanship is great, but it just won't do. Could you possibly find a buyer for me?"

C.J.: "I'll see what I can do".

If you know of a pixie looking for a home, have them contact Pixielated Builders & Realty at the number listed on the "For Sale " sign.


Clara from the Coffee Shoppe called and asked if I could stop by.

When I arrived, Clara told my that she was in possession of the items I had left at the Pool, when I escaped the "crowd".

Clara is a real down to earth individual, and I asked her about the "pool crashers".

I got my life preserver and flip-flops, and some information that really embarrassed me. I've got some things to think over. Maybe I'll share Clara's insight, with you next time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Pumpkin Project (Part #3)

This new floor gives more headroom, but less flat floor space. I do think it is a large improvement from my first design.

I think that I've got a handle on the window problem also. It requires building some extra framing. The test on the old pumpkin seems to work. A trip to Norm's Dollhouse is in order, as I'm short on framing material. Think I'll visit the Pool again.

I decided to take the long way, since it is such a nice day. The scenery is really nice, also.

Strange, I feel like someone is watching me. Oh well, I'm relaxing, no time to worry about it.

Almost there. I sure have been enjoying these pool visits.

This is great! The pool is very quiet, think I'll take a little nap.

(Loud music from a boombox)


Where did this crowd come from?

Multiple female voices " Hi, C. J."

Why is it only crowded in this area of the pool?

I don't understand, but I'm going to get out of here!

I think I left my flip-flops, but I'm not going back.

Seems that I may have to start spending more time building and less time relaxing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Pumpkin Project (Part 2)

Some projects go easy, others hit a snag sometimes, but I've never run into a job where there is one problem after another. I managed to get a floor into the pumpkin, the problems are that it does not leave much head clearance and does not fit flush with the sides.

I don't like the way it will fit against the cut out section, either. I may end-up getting another pumpkin and starting over. The next problem appears to be fitting flat windows into a curved side.

That's it! I'm taking a break. A friend of mine is getting a swimming pool into shape for Summer usage. He told me to stop by when I got a chance. This is CHANCE! I'm going to load up my stuff and go relax by the swimming hole.

It was a long drive, but here is the gate.

My friend wasn't around, but had given me instruction on getting into the pool area. It looks pretty deserted.

I found a nice area and set up my beach chair, umbrella, and some liquid refreshment. This is really relaxing.

I spent about a half-hour in the sun. It was pretty bright and I decided to pack up and leave. I get sun burned very easy, and decided it was a wise decision.

It was so nice to relax, that I thought I would do a little 4-wheeling on the way home.

This has been Great!

I got an idea as I drove into the sunset. I'll let you know about it in my next entry.