Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Home for Miss Hitty (Part 6) A Sterling Silver Moment

My sprained ankle is fully recovered and I was back at work on the "Hitty House", when I got an emergency call from Miss Devika. She manages the Maplewood Dorm.

The garbage disposal was making loud a racket and I had to disassemble it.

Miss Devika had no idea how the knife got in the disposal.

About an hour later I got a service call from the "Creepy Sisters", over at the Sea View.

They also had a noisy garbage disposal. They must have had the thermostat turned up to about 95 degrees, cause it sure was warm in their house.

The Creepy Sisters had no idea how a fork would have found it's way into their disposal.

I was just barely out the door when Miranda called with a service problem.

Strange, but her disposal was also making noise. Miranda expressed an interest in plumbing, and I offered to show her what I was doing. She said that she could see just fine.

The spoon in Miranda's drain, make one complete table setting that I had removed from disposals today. I wonder what the odds are of such a coincidence?

I hurried back to the Hitty House and unloaded my tools. I'm taking the rest of the day off. I'm going to ride my ATV. I'm going to let Dad handle any future "Service Calls".

See you soon.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Home for Miss Hitty (Part 5)

Sorry I've been missing for a little while. As you can see there has been an accident.

As you probably figured out, the Phist Bros were playing with remote control cars. When I went to investigate, I managed to trip on the car they were playing with.

I ended up with a badly sprained ankle. Dad was pretty mad at Lefty and Wright. Since I've been laid up, he has been working them pretty hard.

All the siding is on and ready to be painted.

The first and second floors are coming along also.

I'll see you again, as I start getting around more.