Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clara's Coffee Shoppe (Part 8)

Clara: Where are my customers? Why haven't I had single customer? Where is everybody? I haven't even heard from anyone! Whats wrong?

Clara: How I'm I going to pay back my investor?

Taelyn: Hi Miss Clara.

Clara: Oh Taelyn, I'm so glad to see you. Do you know where everyone has gone?

Taelyn: Not really. I know that Mr. Pender and the Phist Bros. quit working on my lighthouse. Mr. Pender got a message from Mr. Thorne about an emergency. Then Mr Thorne asked me to come by and check on you.

Clara: Except for not having any customers, I'm fine. Sit down and have a cup of coffee. It's on the house. It has really been lonely around here and I would love a some company.

Clara: Do you have any idea where all the Pixies have gone?

Taelyn: No. The emergency that called the Pixielated Builders away, had something to do with moving some houses. Which houses, to where, I don't have any idea.

Alonzo: Hi Sis, Hi Taelyn. You look worried? What's up?

Clara: Do you know where the Pixies have gone? Taelyns the only visitor I've had since my Shoppe opened. Is everyone alright?

Alonzo: Mr. Thorne said all the Pixies had been evacuated. Why and to were I don't know. I think they may have scattered. I'm suppose to hook up phones at the Coffee Shoppe in case they may be trying to contact us. I know, C. Pender and his crew, moved all the residense to a new location.

Clara: You really don't know why there was an evacuation?

Alonzo: Rumor has it that it was something to do with Ariel. I've heard that she was very upset about losing control of the Coffee Shoppe and made some threats to the Fae Government. Again, rumor has it that she has been sentence to do a lot of "time" in "ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES".

Taelyn: That sure sounds like something Ariel would do.

Alonzo: Guess I had better get busy installing those phones. I'll give you a number to call Mr Thorne, if you should hear from anyone.

Clara: I am sure glad you two are here. I was really worried!