Sunday, March 30, 2008

The End of 102407-007 and the Begining of 032708-008

THE END of Building Permit 102407-007

The moving crew is back at my shop. So is the Maplewood. Alonzo and crew got Ariel's House part way to the "Tree House", when the Highway Patrol forced them to turn around. Mr. Pamplmouse had forgotten to get the necessary permits and etc, for moving the house on the highway. We will be moving the house to the "T. H.", very soon. Using a more conventional approach this time.

Here are some photos of the finished project.

The front. A second floor window was replaced with a french door.

The left side. The four windows are an add on.

The rear view. Original design was for 12 rooms, we removed several on the interior walls and relocated others..

The right side. The two small windows were also an add on.

A NEW BEGINNING of permit 032708-008

Clara Pamplemouse (Alonzo's sister) wants to have a small general store converted into a small coffee shoppe. This is her picture.

The "Crew" is looking forward to working on a smaller project, again. Clara has asked for several modifications to the existing plans, which will make it an interesting job. The crew started by temporarily putting up the exterior walls.

We added a doorway in the rear of the building.

We were able to find a use for some of the interior equipment, although Clara will need to show us how she wants the interior finished. I'll keep you informed about the progress of this project.


Taelyn called me and said that there was a Prairie Fire in Illinois. A picture of a cabin that was on fire looked a lot like Edgar Bickley's place. We are trying to find out if our friend Edgar is okay. Hopefully we will hear soon.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Auntie Devika's Boarding House (Part 7) Moving

The place: C.Pender's shop.
Time : The crack of dawn (which comes later now, due to Daylight Savings).
Five individuals gathered around a map.

Today is the day chosen by Alonzo Pamplemouse for the re-location of the "Boarding House" to the Tree House. Tarin, Roboscan, Lefty, and Wright were studying the route that "Lon" had laid out on the map. In an commanding voice, Alonzo said "it is 0630, gentlemen, let's get started".

The first step, assigned to the Phist Bros., was the installation of wheels. They used the fork lift to raise the house high enough for this project. Task completed at 0827AM.

The plan was to have Tarin pull, the Phist bros. push, and Roboscan block traffic. Alonzo would ride on the roof and supervise. of course!

The procession headed for the door of C. Penders shop. (Devika had stowed away and was watching from the first floor window).

Getting thru the shop door was a little tricky. In the future it will be taken under advisement to make sure any future structures are smaller the the door.

The house arrived at the front door of the C. Pender residence.

Auntie Devika's Boarding House departed the front door. Please, be alert for a blue house moving very sloooooowly down the highway, heading in the direction of the "Tree House". At the rate the crew was moving, it may take a month or two to complete the delivery.

Once Tarin and the Phist Bros. get back, they will be helping me build a coffee shoppe for Alonzo's sister Clara. Rumor has it that Alonzo will be staying around the Boarding House as a "handy man". Devika feels that he should be on site to keep her house in "good working order" , and Ariel has agreed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Auntie Devika's Boarding House (Part 6)

Alonzo had Tarin putting on shingles when I stopped by today.

He is really "Quick".

The mirror and make-up light has been installed in the bathroom. Devika used it to smooth her hair. She usually isn't vain, but does seem to really care about her appearance when she is around Mr. Pamplemouse.

As I was leaving, both Dee and Alonzo waved at me from the balcony.

I almost forgot about the Phist Bros. They spent the bonus money Ariel gave them on getting a "make over".

Here's their before picture, (usually their backs are to you in all the pictures I have of them). That's Wright on the left and Lefty on the right.

This is their picture after the "make over". Maybe I'm wrong, but I think their new appearance has given them "swelled" heads.

A few more finishing touches and the Maplewood with be moving to the " Tree House".

Friday, March 7, 2008

Auntie Devika's Boarding House (Part 5)

C Pender here. It has been awhile since I last updated you on the Boarding House project. Sorry about that, but I've been busy arranging for Pixielated Builders next project.

Anyway, I stopped by the Maplewood today. From the look of things, Alonzo has been doing a great job. He has put Tarin back on the payroll and had him laying the carpet in the attic area.

I understand that he will also be doing the siding and probably the shingles also.

Devika has been spending a great deal of time, at the job site. She seems to be very happy with her apartment area.

Dee expressed some interest in what kind of view she will have from her windows.

We have little control over the final view. That will depend of course on it's final location at the "Tree House".

Before I left for the day, Tarin had started applying the siding. He is really an expert with those kinds of jobs.

The Phist Bros. seemed to be absent for the job site. When I asked Alonzo about them, he told me , that Lefty and Wright had taken some time off .They had been doing such a great job, that Ariel had given them a large bonus. The new found wealth was burning a hole in their "pockets?". I guess we'll find out what the blew the money on when they return.