Friday, October 31, 2008

The Lighthouse (Part 4) High Voltage

"Hi there. Glad you stopped by again."

While going over the plans for the Lighthouse, I discovered that the light beacon, requires some pretty high voltage. This requires a trip to the Electric Supply House.

"The supply house had every thing we needed. A switch box and heavy duty conduit. Due to the high voltages involved, the equipment must be painted red."

"I'm as far as we can go, until we are actually ready to fire up the beacon. The conduit is in place and the switch box is wired Once the beacon is installed, we'll have the Power Company supply us with power and we'll test the operation.

One last thing for today. The High Voltage Sign that is required by building code.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Lighthouse (Part 3) the rescue

Taelyn came to see how work was progressing on his Lighthouse.

C.J and Taelyn had never met.

C.J. gave Taelyn a tour around the completed areas. Taelyn seemed pleased with how much progress had been made. Of course Taelyn wanted to help, and since C.J. was unaware of the trouble Taelyn can get into. C.J. put him to work staining the new boards on the third floor.

I must admit that he was doing a pretty good job.


We got a ladder and Lefty held it while Taelyn climbed down.

I'm sure that C.J. has learned that Taelyn needs close supervision.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Lighthouse (Part 2)

Pixielated Builders is back at work on Taelyn's Lighthouse. Between completion of Clara's and the emergency call, a lot had been accomplished. So here are a few photos, to get you caught up.

The Crew has been working pretty hard on this job. I mentioned last time that we had a new member joining us.

I would like you to meet Carr Pender Jr. (C. J. for short). He is laying flooring on the 3rd floor.

C.J. "Hi, everybody. Glad to meet you".

C. Pender "How is it going, C.J."?

C.J. "Ok, Dad.

C.J. just finished training at M.I.T. , and I think will be a real asset to Pixielated Builders.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Things have been pretty hectic, recently. I have had a rough time keeping up with everything that has been happening.

Mr. Thorne had called me, and Lefty, Wright and myself, had to respond to an emergency. I'm not sure what had happened, but it was necessary to relocate all of the Pixie's homes. When the crew arrived, there were no Pixies to be found, ANYWHERE! Except for Mr. Thorne. It looked as if the Pixies just dropped everything, and left.

When I have had occasion to move, I usually try and get rid of extemporaneous items. Since the Pixies left in such a hurry, we had to pack up everything. We had no idea what they wanted to keep or didn't want. The "Crew" made sketch's of the location of even the smallest items. Needless to say, it was very time consuming.

It is also political season, and of course Lefty and Wright are for different candidates. Surprise, surprise. So I had to listen to a lot of political talk.

We did never-the-less get the job done.

All eight of the structures are set-up, and awaiting the arrival of their owners. At the moment the lights are on but nobody is home.

Alphonso, Clara, Taelyn and Mr. Thorne had a meeting at the coffee shoppe. I guess they are trying to figure out how to contact the rest to the Pixies.

We (the crew), will be heading over to the lighthouse soon. It will be nice to be back on a simple construction job again. I got a WesternFae telegram today, and it appears that we will have a new employee, starting tomorrow.

I'll be seeing you at the lighthouse.