Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Tin House (Part 5)

Hello friends. As you can see, I've gotten a lot done on the second floor.

Since this structure is made of metal, it's going to be difficult to heat in winter and also to keep cool in the summer. Therefore I'm installing a great deal of insulation.

The stairway arrived today and has been installed. Since I don't know who will be living in this house, I've put carpet on the steps. Who knows what kind of footwear they might be wearing? Bare metal can get pretty slippery, and I'd rather error on the side of safety.

In the construction business, it is always nice when the stairs are in. It makes it so much easier to get tools and material to an upper floor.

The second floor sprinkler system is installed. We'll be testing it after the final inspection by Taelyn's Fire Department.

The next job will be installation of the front roof section. I hate shingling, so I think I'll turn that task over to Tarin. With his eight legs, he's a "pro" when it comes to shingles.

This job is getting close to completion. Stop by in a day or two and this house may be done.

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