Friday, May 30, 2008

Clara's Coffee Shoppe (Part 4)

Lefty called me and told me that Ariel had called him, insisting that he and Wright meet her at Clara's Coffee Shoppe, Immediately! Being good employees, Lefty had called to check with me. I agree to meet Wright and Lefty at Clara's. When I arrived the Phist Bros. were busy taking down the "Clara's Coffee Shoppe, Coming Soon" sign, while Ariel supervised.

I quizzed Ariel about what was going on, and by what authority she felt she could have the sign taken down.

"It's quite simple my dear Mr. Pender, I have Trademarked several words with the FAE Government. I have exclusive usage of these Trademarked words in the Tree House. Coffee, Shoppe (and all variations there of), and Clara's, are now owned by me! Any use without my written approval is a misdemeanor, punishable by severe fines and anything else I can come up with! Please continue with the sign removal."

Ariel had several legal looking documents to prove her point. Rumor had it that Ariel was very upset about not being able to force Clara into a business arrangement! I had no idea Miss Ixie would go this far. Who Trademarks an individuals name?

We had no choice but to take the sign down. Lefty and Wright were amazed when Ariel proceeded to stomp on the sign, as it lay on the ground.

Grinding her tiny little foot into it.

Once Ariel had departed, I tried to call Miss Clara. There was no answer, hope she is okay.


When I arrived home, there was a message on my answering machine from Taelyn. He asked if I could come by and advice him about a construction project he was involved in.

Taelyn acquired a kit for a Light House and has been trying to assemble it on his own. Never a good idea! We moved the kit to my work area and are checking to see what can be done .

"It doesn't look like the picture on the box" complained Taelyn. A door-to-door lighthouse salesman had come by Taelyn's and talked him into purchasing the kit.

"Should I sue the salesman, for selling me a defective kit" asked Taelyn? After I checked the kit over, I told Taelyn that the kit looked like it was repairable. I've told Taelyn that the Phist boys and myself will be over tomorrow to help him build his new home.

The lighthouse will keep us busy while we are waiting to hear from Clara.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Clara's Coffee Shoppe (Part 3)

The Phist Bros and I have had a pretty good week. The counters have been built and are in place.

We built a special case for displaying Clara's doughnuts. We have also added two ceiling fans with lights.

There is also a smaller counter for the cash register, and another for cream and sugar dispensers.

All in all, I am quite pleased with the way this job is turning out. Clara said that she would be by soon and had some news for me, which she felt was better delivered in person.


Miss Pamplemouse has come and gone. Our meeting was not what I had expected! According to Clara, Ariel is trying to take over the Coffee Shoppe. To keep Clara from getting the necessary capital to continue the project, Ariel has caused Clara to lose all of her cleaning jobs. Without any income, Clara has told me to stop working and lock the place up. She has no way of paying for any more work.

I really feel sorry for Miss Clara, if I could afford to continue without her financing, I would. It was really depressing to hear Miss C. talk about how she visualized the way the shoppe would have looked.

She had been looking forward to the time when the "Sorry We're Closed" sign would have been changed to "Yes We're Open".

Fresh doughnuts and bagels in the show case. The coffee urns lined up on the counter behind. Coffee cups stacked neatly beside the urns.

Spoons, stir sticks, cream and sugar already on their own counter.

I've sent Lefty and Wright home. There is nothing to do but make sure our tools are picked up and lock the place up. It is very sad when a dream comes to this sort of an end!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Clara's Coffee Shoppe (Part 2)

Work on the Coffee Shoppe has been somewhat sporadic. The problem is with the financing. Miss Clara makes her living by doing housekeeping for various residents of the "Tree House".
While she is very industrious, there is not an unlimited demand for her cleaning skills. She is putting every penny she can into the construction of her "dream".

Ariel stopped by a couple of days ago, and was impressed with the Coffee Shoppe. She mentioned stopping by and presenting a proposition to Clara, that might help with her finanical problems. She also had some suggestions, almost as if she had some control over this project. She seems very interested in the "Clara's Coffee Shoppe, Coming Soon" banner.

We have been making headway, never-the-less. There is a parquet floor in the dining area and tile part-way up the walls.

The food prep area is tiled. We have had to build some counters to "fit", and there a several more to build.Clara sent over a box of her home made doughnuts and coffee, with a note. The note said: "Do Not Take Any Instructions From Ariel. Miranda and I will be by to see you soon.Thank you, Clara Pamplemouse". If these were an example of her epicurean talent, she'll have a "GREAT" coffee shoppe business.