Friday, April 11, 2008

Clara's Coffee Shoppe (Part 1)

The Phist Bros. have been pretty busy on the Coffee Shoppe project. The exterior walls are up and painted. Some work has been completed on the interior walls.

When we were ready to do the floor and add tile to the walls, I of course sent for Tarin.

When he arrived, we noticed a slight problem. All the other structures erected by Pixielated Builders had at least one open wall. The doorway was a bit tight for Tarin

Once he was inside, we discovered that there was not a lot of room for him to maneuver.

When Tarin took a look out the window, he broke out in a sweat and experienced a shortness of breath. Who would have guessed? Seems that Tarin suffers from Arachno-Claustrophobia. The dictionary defines Arachno-Claustrophobia as ( a spiders fear of being confined in a small space).

It took far less time for Tarin to exit ,then it had to enter the Coffee Shoppe. Once he had caught his breath and regained his composure, we talked.

" I originally came to this country to do scientific research" said Tarin. "The job did not pay much, mostly room and board, but I did live in a nice all glass apartment. My work was mostly being poked and prodded and observed. The only drawback was I was not allowed to wander around. When I looked out the window of the coffee shoppe, I had a flashback to my days in the glass cage. I'm sorry that I panicked, but in the future, it might be better if I worked in the open, doing shingling, siding and brick laying."

Tarin is a great worker, and I'll have to be more selective in the tasks I assign him.

Just an up-date on our friend Edgar Bickley. It seems that his cabin was completely destroyed, and he has lost just about everything. It appears that he will be doing okay. We all admire his fortitude. Best of Luck Edgar!