Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clara's Coffee Shoppe (Part 6)

The "Addition" went really well.

The new room will be used for storage. It will also have a double sink and the refrigerator.

The new plans also required the installation of a skylight.

We have added an outside patio in the front of the building. There will be a couple of awning tables in this area.

The espresso machine, toaster oven and blender are in place. The interior table and chairs are ready for use. The cash register is on it's counter and bins in the show case, are ready for doughnuts, bagels and etc.

The table and chairs for the patio are due to arrive at any moment, at which time we need to have the "Grand Opening" sign ready. Clara's "dream" is soon to be a reality!

I'm moving the crew back to the light house project, which has made Taelyn very happy.


I just got a call from a very excited Miss Pamplemouse. Clara informed me that the sign on the coffee shop can now read "Clara's Coffee Shoppe". again. Due to some strange happenings in the Tree House, her business well be located at a differant site. Ariels trademark ploy is only in effect at the Tree House. Clara is very happy that she can call her business by it's orginal name. We'll get the sign changed before the Grand Opening!