Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sea View Part 10 ( Inspection part 1)

J. R. Katscan notified me that he would be coming by, and was planning on doing the final inspection. As requested by Ariel, I called and passed on this information on to her. She was on the job site quicker than you can say "Jake Robinson", make that "Jack Rubinstien". Forget it, let's just say that she was just there very quickly.

Ariel went up to the tower room, put some papers into the safe and locked it. She secured the tower door with the iron bar, and told me that J. R. Katscan was not allowed in the attic or storage room. When I ask how she proposed our getting a certificate of occupancy, she said not to worry. It would be handled.

According to Ariel, the safe now contained information which was of "TOP SECRET" importance to the FAE Government. NO ONE , but herself had the necessary clearances to be in the attic, or anywhere near the safe. (That included J. R. Katscan).The FAE Government were going to send over an approved inspector to check the attic for any violation of building codes.

When the Robo-inspector arrived, Ariel had a conversation on the front porch with him. As I understand, his memory contains all the building code regulations. However, he can have the "special" use of an area explained to him, and make specific exceptions to the codes, accordingly.

He begain with the storage room, taking note of the iron bar that kept the attic stairway from being opened from above. (Again it looks to me that Ariel wants to keep something in, not something out).
He apparently has the necessary clearances, as he was allowed to inspect the attic. He also was allowed in the tower room, with the safe.

(to be continued)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sea View Part 9 ( The Attic)

Shortly after Taelyn and Tarin departed the job site, the long awaited material for the attic arrived. Ariel came by with the plans for the attic, and things got strange! The walls for the tower were to be reinforced with brick, inside and outside. I wish that Ariel would have let Tarin have attic access. The way that spider can put down shingles, laying the bricks would have been right up his alley. However, Lefty and Wright did okay.

Bars were then added to the windows in the tower, and also in the black room. No bars were put in Eris room however. If you are trying to protect something in the attic, why wouldn't you put bars in all the attic windows.? The next strange thing was the "special" tower room door.

Where Ariel got this door, I don't know. It looked like it might have been designed for a prison. It had a very heavy duty steel frame, that was bolted through the bricks. There was a slot with a flap on the bottom of the heavy steel door.

Ariel showed up with a safe. According to her the safe was to go into the tower room and was the reason for all the security. The safe is currently empty, but will hold something, that Ariel considers very important.

I've got a lot of questions about this attic. I am certainly not going ask Ariel, however.

1. Why not bars on all the attic windows?

2. If you are protecting this safe, why does the door secure from the outside? It looks to me that the door is designed to keep something in, not someone out!

3. How does Ariel think this house is going to pass inspection, with all the safety violations?

I'm going to talk to the Phist Bros. and warn them again, not to talk about anything in the attic. Once again I'm going to ask you to do the same. I'm getting a little "frog" in my throat, hope it is not spreading. Ariel can be VERY DANGEROUS, when she is crossed. I guess we'll find out soon.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sea View Part 8 (More Construction and Some Finished Rooms)

While we are waiting for more material to arrive for the attic, we got the appliances and cabinets installed in the kitchen.

The "Group" also got some furniture to try on approval, for the living room and dinning room.

We tried the furniture for effect and then moved it out to a storage area. We still have a lot of work to do and I did not want to take the chance on the new furniture getting damaged.

Since Taelyn and Tarin are not allowed in the attic (per Ariel's direction orders), I am running out of things for them to do. Luckily Taelyn has become more active with his "Fire Department" and has requested some time off. I'm thankful for that! It was getting to be a struggle to keep him out of the attic. He sure is a curious little guy.

Tarin is doing the shingling over the second floor porch. When he's finished with that, he is going to leave and do some Web Design work for a friend. He said he will be available for my next project.

Once, again Tarin did a great job. Eight legs are sure an advantage some times. I'm scared to think of how much trouble Taelyn could get into with that many appendages!

Ariel insisted on my covering the windows in the tower, just so Tarin would not see anything she did not wish him to see. She has also delayed the arrive of the attic material, until Taelyn and Tarin are no longer on the job site. Please remember, not a word to Ariel about anything I tell you about the attic remodeling!!! On occasions I gotten a frog in my throat, but I sure don't want to be one. No offence to any frog or toad, living or squished.