Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sea View 7 (Progression)

With Ariel's help in the financing of the Sea View, we are making a lot of progress. "Two men met on the street. The first asks the other, "How's business?". The second replies "I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger". Sounds like that guy is pretty busy, right? Well I have found some one that is even busier. How about an eight legs wallpaper hanger!

The whole crew has been concentrating on the first and second floors.

This is the finished kitchen.

The Bathroom is also complete .

Eris came by to check out her room in the loft area. Who would have thought that a purple hair pixie would like purple decor?

I've had to keep an eye on Taelyn, the little rascal is real curious about the loft. Per Ariel's instructions, I've told him not go up there, but you know Taelyn. Once the first and second floors are complete, the Phist Bros. and I can concentrate on the attic area.

J.R. Katscan has been hanging around a lot. He seems interested in what's going on. You would almost think this was his home.

The material for the loft just arrived. I'm interested to find out just what we are doing up there. Remember, I'll keep you informed, but not a word to Ariel!

Just a note: You may be wondering why all the doors and molding has been painted black. Simple, it's the only color the "Group" could agree on.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sea View 6 (A Visit)

The "Group" came by for a visit today. Ariel was also with them. They posed for a group picture and spent some time looking over the work that was complete.

Hera spent most of her time following Taelyn around. Remember, she is the one who got Taelyn his temporary appointment as Supervisor on this job. I think she has a crush on him.

Ophelia and Freya seemed to like the foyer and main staircase.

Ariel seemed pleased with the folding stairs to the attic. We had also installed the store room door on a temporary basis, so that we could control access to the attic.

Ariel informed me that we needed to get a good quality lock for the hallway side of the door. She also added that Eris would be taking over the left wing bedroom in the attic, and was to be added to the access list for the attic. Eris living in the attic with the hallway locked from the outside brought up safety concerns for me. I ask Ariel how Eris would exit the attic, in case of say a fire, if the door were locked and the stairs were pulled up. Surprise, surprise, according to Ariel, Eris has the ability to "teleport". She can imagine herself some place else and be there instantly. Pixies have some amazing talents. Even so, I told Ariel that that the building inspector (J.R. Catscan) would not approve of such a safety violation. Ariel said that any time an inspection was needed, I was to make sure that she was informed, and that she would be on site and handle it.

Eris followed Ariel up into the attic, and a lot of discussion, in low whispers. went on. I may be a bit paranoid, but if seemed that they did not want me to hear much of their conversation. I even got a frosty look from Eris, when she thought I was too close.

Eris was established as Ariel's right hand pixie , and would be giving me instructions when Ariel was not available. Plans were being drawn up for the re-inforcing of the walls of the tower area. Ariel took some measurements, and said that she would be ordering a "special" door for the tower also. After Eris picked a color scheme for her room, Ariel and the "Group" departed.

I must say that this is getting stranger and stranger. Maybe, the tower is going to be a "vault" for some of Ariel's money. Whatever it is, she sure is worried about security.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sea View Part 5 (A Reprieve?)

I thought that you might be interested in meeting the "Group". Experience has taught me that it is always a good idea to have photos of your clients. You never know when you might need them in a civil action suit.

From left to right are Ophella, Freya, Eris and Hera, I refer to them as the "Group". These are the pixies that I'm building the Sea View for. They were doing pretty good, until the Bank refused to except "Pixie Gold", as payment for the building expenses.

The house was progressing pretty well. We are however running short on materials and are trying to complete as much as we can with what we have on hand. Here's pictures of two of the rooms.

This is the living room.
This is the dinning room.

We were getting our tools and equipment ready to suspend work, when an interesting thing happened. Taelyn was in the dining room cleaning the new light fixture that had just been installed.
When Ariel opened the dining room door and saw Taelyn, she started yelling and Taelyn fell off his ladder.

Ariel, "What are you doing here? Why aren't you getting the dogs out of my house?

Taelyn, "Hera put me in charge of this construction project. I'm the head contractor. The dogs in your house, are Baxter's fault. He invited them to live there, without asking me.

Ariel, "We'll just see whose going to be the Head contractor! I don't care who invited the dogs, I want them out! If you ever try to do a house sitting job again, you won't get a recommendation from me, EVER! C. Pender, where are you?

When Ariel found me, she explained that she had agreed to finance the completion of the Sea View. She was now in complete charge of the project. Her initial demands were:

1.The "Group" were allowed to make decisions about the first floor and second floor , with the exception of the storage room . The loft and storage room belonged to Ariel, and I was to follow her remodeling directions to the letter, without asking questions.

2. Under no circumstances was Taelyn allowed to continue as head contractor, and he was not allowed to work in her section of the house. There was to be minimal access to the loft. Any persons working in the loft were not to discuss the changes made with ANYONE!

After explaining to the Phist Bros., we agreed that we could comply with Ariel's demands. I introduced Lefty and Wright to Ariel, and she again stressed the "no discussion with anyone". I've heard that Ariel is not what you would call "nice", and if she wants to, can make an individual pay dearly for crossing her.

Next Ariel and myself looked over the job, and she informed me of some of the things she wanted done. A set of fold-down stairs were to be put in the storage room, and were to be the only access to the loft. Only Ariel, the Phist Bros. and myself were allowed in the storage room and above.

She approved of the black bedroom in the loft, and said that we did not have to install a door. A bead curtain or the like would do just fine. Ariel spent some time looking around the loft, making notes, and muttering "This will do nicely" to herself. Then she told me to make the stairs in the storage room a priority and that she would have further instructions later. At that time she departed.

I imagine that you are finding all this as strange as I do. I am not about to try and guess what kind of a "deal" Ariel has made with the "Group". What her plans are for the loft is again something I don't think I want to know.

It may be a violation of confidence, but since I'm very sure that no one who reads this blog will tell Ariel, I will continue to keep you informed about this project. I am relying on your discretion, I might have trouble finishing the Sea View, if I should get turned into a frog or worse!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sea View Part 4 (Return of Lefty)

When I arrived at the job site, I discovered that Lefty and Wright were back at work. Wright said that he was intending to "garnish" Lefty's pay. It seems that Wright feels that he is entitled to a great deal of compensation for the "expert" care he gave Lefty. There is also the expense of the "Lefty Scam" project to be considered. Lefty is not of the same accord, and likes to make duck noises every time he walks by Wright.

I had planned on doing some demolition in preparation for the refurbishing of the Sea View. From the looks of it the Phist Bros. got a little bit over enthusiastic.

When I ask why they had been so aggressive in demolition, their response was that they were just following Taelyn's orders. It has become necessary for me to once again explain that Taelyn is the "figure head only" supervisor on this job. Lefty and Wright said they will start asking me before they proceed with any project, in the future.

When Wright said "he said to do it", Taelyn was a little upset. Luckily, he got an emergency call from his PDCS. By the time he got back, everything was fine.

The next morning Taelyn decided to help Tarin bring the stairs (living room to second floor hallway) into the house.

I asked why he had used the front door instead of bringing them through the rear of the house, which is wide open. "The hand rail would have been on the wrong side", was Taelyns answer. It is sometimes very hard to understand Taelyn's logic. Don't get me wrong, I still like Taelyn , a lot. I've never known anyone with so much enthusiasm. The stair installation was going well, until!

We got Taelyn untangled and the stairs are now in place. You may have seen one of those charts that mark how many accident free days there have been on a job site. We have two. One for the rest of us and one for Taelyn. Taelyn's very seldom gets past two or three days at the most.

The Phist Bros. have been getting a lot of work done in the living room. The wallpaper is up, and most of the electrical is done. The addition of the carpet and molding should complete the room.


I got a call from the Bank. There is a problem with the financing of this project. The Group, have been making payments for the building materials directly to the Bank. You guessed it, more of that "Pixie Gold". The Bank will only accept currency, from now on. I understand that the Group, has approached Ariel, about helping them get said currency. We'll keep working until we run out of the building materials we have on site, and hope something can be worked out with Ariel.