Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Purrrfect Home (Part 10)

"Don't pay the ransom, I've escaped!"

No, I am not in Brazil having absconded with client funds. Nor am I in legal trouble, or any of the other rumors that have been started by sources unknown. Not a lot of progress has been made on the Purr-jon house, lately. The reason for this is two handed, or I guess I should say the lack of two handed.

With weather turning nice, it has been hard to get any work out of the Phist brothers. They have been to baseball games, tennis tournaments, horse shoe matches, lawn bowling, gone fishing and it seems anything to keep from working. Would you believe they even went out of town for "Thumb Wrestling Mania"? I've had to sit them down and have a long talk about their remaining in my employment.

You are not the only one that has taken note of no updates on this blog spot for awhile. The Purr-jon sisters are stopping by later to discussion why their home is taking so long. I've begged the Phist brothers to at least appear busy while Rose and Lily are on the job site. They got right to work, what they are doing, I don't know. After having reprimanded them, I felt it best not to ask.

I met with the sisters in the loft area. They said they were pleased with the house, but wished it were progressing faster. They liked the carpet, being more impressed with the sun room ,than the other rooms. (I've since learn from the Internet, that cats distinguish blues and greens clearer then other colors. Most other colors appear in gray ranges). They tried to pin me down to a completion date and I managed to side-step it, time after time.

Then the yarn that the Phist brothers had laid out began moving and the conversation came to a halt.

In a split second Rose and Lily were out the door of the loft, their focus on the slowly disappearing yarn.

Now I knew what the Phist brothers had been up to when they laid out the trail of yarn.

By the time the Purr-jon sisters had reached the ball of yarn in the front entry, all thoughts of completion dates, slow progress and etc., had slipped their minds.

They spent some time pushing and chasing the ball of yarn around, finally got bored and then departed. Lefty and Wright have just proved that they are a valuable asset to Pixielated Builders. Even so, I've got to find some additional help if I plan on completing this house any time soon. If you know anyone that might be interested, have them drop by the construction site for an interview.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Purrrfect Home (Part 9)

I'd been to the Builder Supply Store again, seems that that's my home away from home anymore. When I returned I found that Taelyn was busy working on the carpet in the living room, by himself. Not a good thing. So I went in search of the Phist brother, who should had been helping (read as supervising) Taelyn.

There was the sound of a fire extinguisher being used in the loft. Worried that there might be a fire, I ran towards the loft, only to hear Wright tell Lefty " Cool me another one", then the sound of the fire extinguisher again. As I got closer I heard Lefty say " You got any threes" and Wright say "Go Fish".

I was not happy with what I discovered. It seems Lefty and Wright had decided that while I was away they could have a little party. They had been using the fire extinguisher to cool their beer. Reluctantly they returned to work, and I went down to help Taelyn. I heard a muffled cry. " Mr. Pender, Help"!

Can you guess where Taelyn is at? Here's a hint. Usually large lumps are not found in carpet.

I yelled for one of the Phist brothers to come and assist me. Lefty was first on the scene and helped lift the carpet off Taelyn.

I asked Taelyn what had happened. "I don't know Mr. Pender, I was trying to put this carpet down, when everything went black". Of course Wright had been to the first-aid kit and brought the gun, just in case Taelyn had a major injury.

"Mr. Pender" said Taelyn, after he was extracted from under the carpet, " I've been thinking that maybe the construction industry is not for me". "I know that you count on me a lot, but would you be angry if I quit? I think that I have a lead on a job that will suit me better".

I told Taelyn that I would miss his fine work, but that he felt it was best, I would accept his resignation. I wished him good luck, and he departed. I will miss him, but I think our accident rate will drastically decease. "Good Lucky Taelyn, where ever you go"!