Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Purrrfect Home (Part4)

The Phist brothers and myself had been hitting it pretty hard. After deciding to complete one room at a time, construction has moved at a fairly rapid pace.

The room with the burgundy carpet is going to be a Dressing Room and also contain the Restroom facilities. The Purr-jon sisters are "models" and spend a great deal if time with make-up and such, thus the need for a rather large room. The loft area will be the sleeping area. As requested, I am installing wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling carpet. Lily and Rose have left all decisions as to carpet colors up to me. I am starting to think that they can not distinguish colors.

All was going well, until the accident!

As it was explained to me, Lefty fell off the step ladder and then the ladder landed on top of him.

When I arrived on the scene, Wright was either checking Lefty's pulse or giving him CPR. I haven't a clue as to which one. I am not sure if Wright knew either.

The accident scene became even stranger, when Wright proceeded to apply a tourniquet to Lefty, even though any blood from his wound was already dried. When I asked Wright why he would do such a thing, especially since it could strangle Lefty. He's explanation was, ever since they were kids, one of his secret desires, had been to put a "tourniquet" on Lefty. What better time than now?

It always take some time to discover the truth when dealing with Wright and Lefty. However persistence will usually pay off. While playing with a untility knife Wright had accidentally cut Lefty. Since they have no insurance, they decided to fake an on the job accident, with the hope that Workmans Comp. would cover the medical expense. To date these medical expenses are the cost of a band-aid and a dab of neosphorene. The Phist brothers waste a great deal of time and effort trying to be "clever". If you remember, when they wanted to go fishin, Lefty had faked an injure to that same thumb. Just proves that "it's not nice to try and fool C. Pender"!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Purrrfect Home (Part 3)

An incident took place at the "House Warming" for the log cabin that makes it necessary for me to explain the C. part of my name C. Pender. I think it was Miranda who started the whole thing, but all those Pixies have a sense of humor and joined right in. It seems that one of the pixies would call out, "C. Pender" and all the others would then call out "Yes, I see him over there!" This lasted most of the evening, and produce many laughs and giggles from the party attenders. Well at least no one snorted tea through their nose ( but that's another story).

Actually the C. stands for Carr, that's with two R's, unless you are a Purr-jon sister, then it is pronounced with three r's. Carr Pender pretty much describes what I do for a living. I'm thankful that Mom and Dad Pender named me Carr instead of something like "Fish Gutter" or "Boston Strangler" Pender. That might have meant my going into a completely different line of work. Through the years, any time I would apply for a job, the employers always assumed from my name that I was a Carpenter, which has worked out well.

Work on the Purr-jon house went very slow this week. Lefty showed up with his thumb in a band-aid, said he had a hang-nail, and could not work. Wright of course couldn't work either, he never goes anywhere without Lefty.

I managed to get to Norms Dollhouse and pick up some more electrical, paint and carpet supplies. Rose and Lily have desided that they want wall to wall, and floor to ceiling carpeting. They don't seem to be too fussy about colors, and since we are dealing with a great deal of carpet, I'm trying to keep the cost down by looking for bargains. I think I'll try to complete one room at a time.

I found out that I am going to have to take the Phist Brothers in hand. Lefty did not have a hang-nail, they wanted to go fishing! Hopefully, they will be ready to get some serious work done this coming week.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cabin in the Forest (House Warming)

The Pixies sure know how to throw a House Warming Party (or as Lily and Rose would say Parrrty). Thorne is, among all his other accomplishments, a gourmet barbecue chef. Good thing that I'm don't eat like that all the time, or I would be known as C. the well rounded Pender.

Each of the Pixie Guest has their own uniqueness. After seeing Saoirse and Andara's home several of them approached me about building homes for them. They said living on Wendy's desk is nice , but they would like some privacy. There were so many conversations, that I've really forgotten which pixies asked about what special features for their house. If the demands on Pixielated Builders continues, I may have to hire The Phist brothers full time, and add some more temporaries. I wonder if the LeFoot brothers are busy? They are not as agile as Lefty and Wright, and somewhat shy, as they don't get out to often, but maybe they could be of some help.

The party lasted until well after dark, and Saoirse and Andi let me take some pictures of the interior of the cabin. I was surprised (not really) as to the furnishings. Those little darlin's are very unique in every thing they do. Who else would have lawn furniture in their living room?

Doesn't the Fire Grate give off a nice warm glow? I think the hurricane lanterns give the house a comfortable feeling.

I've included some pictures of the process on the Purr-jon house. The Phist brothers are really working hard.

Time to get back to work, see you later.