Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Home for Miss Hitty (Part 4)

Nice to see you again. I've just been checking some of the siding.

Come on in and I'll show you how we are progressing.

We've got the wallpaper hung and the carpet laid.

We'll be putting the framing around the inside of the windows, next.

What was that?

Never mind. I must be imaging things.

The second floor will be next. What the....

Excuse me, I need to find out what's going on here.


Meanwhile in the shadows. (Silent chuckling).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Home for Miss Hitty (Part 3) and more:

Hello there. Have you grow some since the last time I saw you? Just joking.

Dad got this new piece of equipment. I'm not to sure what we'll use it for. The adjustments are a little difficult for me to use. Looks like the Phist Bros. will be using this more than I will.

We are starting to put the siding on Miss Hitty's house. The decision was made to use sheets of siding. That should speed up the process quite a bit.

The "boys" lift the siding into place, while I check the inside alignment.

What do you think of their new outfits? The gloves were their Christmas present from me. It worked out very well. Next Christmas, Wright will get a blue glove and Lefty a white one. It is nice that the gloves are sold in pairs.

A few nails and this piece will be done.

Taelyn has invited me over to see the New Years fireworks from the "Tower of Taelyn". I think there are too many Holidays at the end of the year. We just don't get a lot of work done.


Taelyn decided not to stay up to greet the new year.

As you can see there was a problem with observing the fire works. My advice is look for a dark place for such an activity.