Monday, February 11, 2008

Auntie Devika's Boarding House (Part 4)

The other day I stopped by Devika's Boarding House. The attic floor was in place, along with part of the roof.

Also the stairs going to the attic, (Devika's apartment) were nearing completion.

When I returned home, there was a message on my answering machine from Tarin. He has finished his Web Site job and was inquiring if I had any work for him. I returned his call and suggested that he check with Alonzo about assisting with the shingling and/or siding installation.

Tarin called me back, after visiting Mr. Pamplemouse, and told me Lon would give him a call when he could help. Tarin also was suprised that Lefty had been very cordial to him. We both found this strange, as usually Lefty panics around Tarin. I decided to investigate.


The following day, while on the work site, I asked Lefty about his lack of fear of Tarin. Lefty told me that he felt very safe when Lon was on the site. He suggested that I ask Lon about Spider Wrangling, which I did.

It seems that Alonzo had spent some time on the "Rodeo Circuit" and had been a "Wild Spider Rider". He had pictures.

The spider was kept in a cage for the event. The cages were a fairly new modification, and introducted, after some spiders had escaped into the town of Glendale. The "Glendale Rodeo" had been renamed the "Glendale Stampede" after that incident.

The rider then mounts the spider and tries to stay seated, using only one hand, the other hand must remain in the air. The Spider will try to dislodge the rider by "bucking, twisting, etc." Points are awarded for time and style.

These are pictures of Lon's last ride.

Lon said that he had retired from "Spider Busting", after his nose had been shortened. He finds that the construction business is much safer.

That explains why Lefty feels safe with Alonzo on the job. I think he figures if Tarin should get out of hand, Wrangler Lon will just jump on him and ride him to a standstill. I guess we'll see if that works out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Auntie Devika's Boarding House (Part 3)

Since "Lon" has taken over the majority of my responsibilities, I have not been spending a lot of time at the job site. I was pleasently surprise to see that things have been progressing quite well. Actually I am Shocked.

The carpet, molding, stairs to the 2nd floor and french doors had been completed.

The shower, sinks, and toilets are installed and functional in the second floor restroom.

I did do a complete inspection, after all, my name is on the Permit as primary constractor. The Phist Bros. seemed to be adapting to the new situation quite well. Lefty in particular seems to really like Alonzo M. Pamplemouse.

Devika came by today.

She arrived as Alonzo was taking his lunch break. He was kind enough to offer to share his cheese cracker with her.

Lon offered to show Devika around the job site. First was the restroom. Dee thought it was beautiful.

Dee found the kitchen to be lovely and functional.

Alonzo showed Dee where they would be adding shelves in the pantry,

and also where the light had been installed for the pool table,which will be going in the community room.

Devika was very pleased with the way her boarding house is coming together. I did find out that Alonzo has been using a lot of subcontractors. That explains how so much work is getting done. Of course that is going to drive up the cost of this job, but that does not seem to be problematic to Ariel. I am also very curious as to why Lefty thinks so highly of Mr. Pamplemouse.