Friday, June 27, 2008

Clara's Coffee Shoppe (Part 5)

The whole crew had been busy on Taelyn's lighthouse, when I received a call from Miss Clara. She has found an investor! Clara asked me to met her, Miranda and the investor Mr. Takanori at the site of her business. Due to the Trade Mark problems, Clara's Coffee Shoppe will now be called the"Wolfs Head Hideout". Miranda came up with the name. When this whole thing came to a head, Miranda had been reading "Robin Hood", and discovered that the Sheriff of Nottingham had placed a bounty on the "Merry Men". That bounty was the same as the bounty on a wolves head, so the Sherwood Band was sometimes referred to as the "Wolf Heads".

When I arrived Clara was just meeting Mr. Takanori and his assistant, Cloris (she serves as Mr. T's translator).

Mr. Takanori was very impressed with Clara's description of her dream business. How she had visualized the layout of the coffee shoppe.

Miranda had explained to Mr. Takanori the difficulty that Clara was having with Ariel, and Clara's lack of financing. Cloris then explained that Mr. Takanori was very interested in backing Clara's dream. He felt however, that Clara needed to think on a large scale, and asked what additional things Clara would do if she had "unlimited" financial backing.

Miranda and Clara went inside and conferred. Clara of course was very excited. After the discussion, they had a further conference with Mr. T. He approved of the revised plans, but saw the need to enlarge the coffee shoppe.

An addition at the rear seemed to be the answer.

The meeting broke up, and I returned to the Lighthouse. Taelyn was not upset when I told him and the crew that we would be relocating to the Coffee Shoppe project.


When I arrive the next morning there was a forklift unloading equipment.

A toaster oven,

an espresso machine,

refrigerator and misc. items.

I am not privy to what kind of a deal Clara has worked out with Mr. Takanori, but I am very glad to see that her dream will be realized.

Clara and Miranda presented me with modified plans, showing an addition to the rear of the structure. They had been pretty busy, as the plans were approved and had been added on to the existing building permit. Thing go pretty fast when the money reaches the right pockets.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Lighthouse (Part 1)

Since Pixielated Builders had to suspend work on the coffee shop, the whole crew has been busy on Taelyn's lighthouse. The main walls are up. Tarin has just finished checking the exterior paint job.

Wallpaper has been hung on the walls of the first and second floors. The plan is for the first floor to be the dining, kitchen and living room.

Taelyn wants his bedroom on the second floor.

Once Taelyn decides what the third floor will be used for, we will paper and/or paint it, accordingly. There is a chance that the third floor may end up as an unfinished storage room. Taelyn has been involved in a variety of business ventures, and has acquired a lot of "stuff".

The entryway is about ready. It will need some tile on the lower walls and floor.

So far our biggest problem had been keeping Taelyn from getting underfoot. Luckily the Phist boys have some experience in such matters. He also still get some emergency response calls for his Fire Truck.

Speaking of Taelyn's fire truck, there is a rumour going around that Taelyn is being "paid" not to respond to fires in this area. The regular Fire Department and emergency response units give him a monthly fee to stay out of their way. That's where he got the money for the Lighthouse. I'll have to ask him about that.