Saturday, August 4, 2007

Taelyn's Fire Truck (Part 2)

For all practical purposes, Taelyn's Fire Truck is ready to roll. A First Aid kit and some tools have been added to the left side.

Hoses and some construction material have been added in the truck bed. Don't forget this is a multi-purpose vehicle.

Taelyn has moved some of his construction tools into the storage area right behind the cab.There are times when Pixies just completely amaze me! I asked Taelyn how he was going to be notified when there was a fire call. Listening for fire calls on a scanner, might get him into trouble. We doubted if the "official Fire Departments" would appreciate his presence on a fire scene. You may not believe this next item. Mr. Thorne has installed a satellite dish on the truck, capable of GPS. Nothing really amazing in that, however, this satellite is tuned to a "very special" frequency that is able to detect pixie distress calls. All a pixie has to do is yell "FIRE!", the satellite picks up the signal, and a siren goes off in Taelyns truck. Once the distress call is received, GPS locates the exact location of the call, speakers on either side of the driver (by voice), guide Taelyn's Fire Truck to the site.
I need to talk to Mr. Thorne. As ingenious as this system is, I think there may be problem with it. My question is, does the PDCS (Pixie Distress Call System) only detect "Fires", or all kinds of distress situations.

I may be being selfish about this .... but. Will "Rats!", mean I will be outfitting the truck with exterminating equipment? Will, "I think I am in deep dodo", require sewer sucking tools?

The possibilities are staggering! I do hope Mr. Thorne can refine the PDCS.

Some of the Pixies have been calling the "Lefty Scam " number and making donations of "Gold".

We all know that "pixie gold" is not always what it seems. So far Wright has several bags of twigs, one bag of straw, and some odds and ends. I do believe that Lefty will be back to work very soon!